Old skool chop & dice


After the cuisinart post, I thought I should tell you about my knives.

I use these on a daily basis. They are really good quality and very sharp. They have sat for decades in my friend’s kitchen, rarely being used. My friend, who died in November, did not cook but she had the very best cookware and kitchen gadgets. This block of knives was the only item that I felt compelled to take when we emptied her house. In 37 years of marriage, I had never had really good knives. Okay knives, but not top of the line. And certainly no block in which to store them, but rather just the kitchen drawer.

Every day, when I use them, I think of Gail, and I glory in how well they slice, dice, and cut up.


5 responses to “Old skool chop & dice

  1. I’ve had my knives for more than 25 years, and expect to have them 25 more.

  2. What a wonderful legacy to have from a good friend. You think of her daily because of her knives, which you have put to good use. Kudos! 🙂

  3. those look like Henckels knives, really good, I have had the same for many years!

  4. Wusthof with wooden handles so they cannot go in the dishwasher. My other knives are Henckels, but not the real good ones. Mine have plastic handles.

  5. What a wonderful legacy for you to have. Every time you hold the handles you’ll be holding something Gail held and remember her.

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