Not writing

So, what have I been doing the past few weeks other than housesitting in San Francisco, giving tours at Kearney Mansion, and baking pies for Ronald McDonald House? NOT MUCH.

My writing has gone by the wayside. I reached a point with Allied Arts Girls that had me stymied. I got everyone to the 50th Anniversary Luncheon, even the surprise guest. There was much backstory to write so got that accomplished. And then I stopped because I was not having much fun with the luncheon. I have the photos and the program from the real anniversary luncheon, and I have been trying to keep my narrative, on this point, fairly accurate to what actually happened. I have finally decided to spend more time on the women’s internal thoughts and how they remember certain events that are mentioned at the luncheon versus more description of the luncheon itself.

So, maybe, if today is any indication, I will be back at the keyboard, writing more as I head towards the final page. I know where I’m going, just not sure what path I’ll take to get there. I still have chapters I’ve not shared here. Portions of those will be coming.

2 responses to “Not writing

  1. Sometimes the Muse plays hooky, and we just have to wait for her return. 🙂

  2. Keep at it, it’s never easy, but always rewarding.

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