Although cool it’s still summer


This is Week 2 of my CSA fruit box. Even though we had a ferocious wind storm yesterday and temperatures have dropped to 70, the summer produce is coming in bountiful amounts.

This week’s box contained two kinds of peaches, princess time and spring snow; two nectarine varieties, red Roy and rose diamond. There are a couple of flavorosa pluots and a few earliqueen plums.

Notice those names? These are organic heirloom varieties. Not just white peach or yellow nectarine.

Looking forward to lovely fruit for the next week.


5 responses to “Although cool it’s still summer

  1. I am jealous of your fruit box. The farmers’ markets around here are starting to open, but nothing as delicious as that picture yet.

    • The San Joaquin Valley feeds the world. It’s what how we make our money here, shipping fruits and vegetables all over the world. Farmers have been picking and shipping now for a couple of weeks, but this will continue into the fall months. The grower from whom I get these boxes, however, will be done in early August. Then, I will have to buy at farmer’s markets or Whole Foods to get organic fruit.

  2. WOW! All of my favorite fruit in one bowl…I would eat them all in one sitting!!! I can not wait until I start receiving some peaches, nectarines and pluots…I have never tried any heirloom varieties. I bet they are super scrumptious!

    I would love for you to come and link up to my weekly CSA link party… Hope to see you there!

  3. mmmmmmmmm. I made Martha Stewart’s upside down peach cake tonight and it rocks. Enjoy your fruit and your CSA.

    • Thanks for stopping by. The cake sounds good, but I really enjoyed seeing your idea for roasted tomatoes over on your blog. I will have to try that when the tomato crop becomes over abundant around here–usually in late July.

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