Next principal come on down

It’s been two years since the principal and I retired from the large inner city high school. As I think I have mentioned more times than anyone cares about, I was not replaced upon retirement. The principal, however, was; but his replacement, after two years, is moving north to become an assistant superintendent for a school district near Sacramento.

I said he was just passing through, like a train in the night. Very young, with a doctorate, I knew he wasn’t planning to stick around and make a lifetime commitment to the district. Oh, just typing that sentence makes me laugh. We will see who filters out and gets the job for the next year or so at the inner city high school. It will be hard next year as the campus is AGAIN being remodeled. You might remember the theme for the 2005 yearbook-Lost in Modernization–the year that gave me ulcers.

If I was not already retired, I would definitely leave this year as 2012-2013 will be pretty hellish–new principal and remodeling.

5 responses to “Next principal come on down

  1. I just thought you’d should know, after 17 years, I’ve given up the yearbook biz. I’m still in education, but I’m now the tech specialist at two elementary schools in my district. I also spent two difficult years with terrible budget cuts. I am looking forward to doing something useful. Journalism isn’t valued anymore and I can’t keep teaching it.

    • Gosh, I’m sorry to hear that you’re leaving the classroom. You did such great things with your students, and had such a huge program. Is it continuing, or like with me, you’re not being replaced?

  2. The transition to a new principal is usually a challenge as everybody tries to feel each other out and learn how everybody operates. It’s a shame when a principal is there only to use the job as a stepping stone.

  3. I wasn’t in the teaching field, but a year after I retired from my job after 29 years, the entire department was eliminated. It’s like the whole place stopped existing, and everybody was either let go or transferred. I’m glad you mentioned about your position not being filled, because I only recently started following you and didn’t know about that.

  4. certainabsurdity

    We just survived year 1 with the new principal. I wonder how long he’ll be around too.

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