Peach cobbler


Terry brought home two large bags of frozen peaches from a friend at a volunteer job where they both work. The generous friend had planned to share his bounty with four volunteers, but only two showed up today.

Since the peaches had begun to thaw thus needing to be used immediately, and I had all those fresh peaches you saw on Monday, I took one bag to our next door neighbors, the sisters who take my csa extras. Reba mentioned that she would make a cobbler.

I ran back home and started looking for cobbler recipes because Terry does not like my usual cobbler. I found a couple, cobbled them together, and put a big cobbler in the oven as we were sitting down to dinner (leftovers).

Here is Terry’s dish for dessert. He gets a scoop of ice cream on his. He said it was very good, much better than my other cobblers. Okay. I’ll use this method now on.

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