today’s peach project


…a pie to deliver to a friend this afternoon. She loves fruit pies. Her husband is recuperating from shingles, and my friend has been housebound, caring for him. If you are 60+ and in good health, you really should ask your doctor about the shingles vaccine. Although pricey (our insurance would not pay for Terry’s) it is worth every penny. Shingles really is a bad disease, especially the older one is if they get a case. I had one on the back of my head two years ago and didn’t know what it was until the doctor diagnosed it after the worse was over. I was younger and very healthy so my immune system threw it off but not without a week of intense pain.


7 responses to “today’s peach project

  1. Your pie looks wonderful. I did get the shingles shot recently!

    • My friend called later and said the pie was very good with ice cream. She and her husband enjoyed it very much. You never know when you make a pie, just how good it will be, until you cut into it.

  2. I got my shingles shot a couple years ago. I know how bad it can be. The vaccine doesn’t mean you won’t get it, but if you do it shouldn’t be as bad as if you hadn’t gotten the shot.

    • I had my bout with shingles 2 years before I turned 60, so hadn’t even considered the vaccine for me. My dr said that since I had the shingles, I would not need the vaccine.

  3. certainabsurdity

    All of your peach creations look wonderful!

  4. When I turned 60, that was the first thing I did. My mother had shingles for several months and really suffered. It scares me just thinking about it.

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