Helping a friend


Here is another photo from the yard I was working on last week. Although Sharon’s yard is overgrown, this vine actually resides in her neighbor’s yard and comes over the fence, twining itself around a tree in the corner.

Fortunately for me, the yard was professionally landscaped about 10 years ago, by the original owner, so the yard has good bones. Unfortunately, Sharon had done very little in the way of upkeep for the six years she has lived here. For a condo it has a really big backyard. More than I would want to care for if I was by myself as Sharon is.

The question now is what Sharon should do next? Friends are advocating for assisted living as there are numerous health problems. However, Sharon gets joy from her place, and she especially loves this trumpet vine’s flowers. Physical ability and finances will weigh into the equation. It’s hard when one reaches this point in life.


4 responses to “Helping a friend

  1. marshawalkingsmall

    Tough decision. Best wishes to Sharon and pats on the back to you.

  2. You’ve really been busy with good deeds lately!

    • Kathy, it’s the least I can do. I have a wonderful, healthy life with lots of good things going on. I am so thankful for everything I have, and this is just a small way to give back. I know if I had similar needs that my friends would come to my aid.

  3. Life is so unpredictable, all the best to Sharon and hope she will decide what is best for her.

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