Call 911

Should you have an elderly parent, neighbor, friend, who falls, don’t just pick them up and brush them off. Call 911. The paramedics will tell you, “A person who falls needs to be checked out.” I tried for a few months to tell my husband this fact. He (and his mother) ignored the warnings.

Someone who has fallen should not be left alone, either. I just read of someone doing that with their mother. Got her up, in a chair, and then left her for the night. Not a good way to help a person. My immediate thought is, “what if there’s a fire?” How does the person get up and get out, even if they do hear the smoke alarm.

The paramedics who will come in the ambulance when you call 911 are trained professionals. They know how to lift a person, to get them upright, without hurting them more than they may already be. If you should try to lift someone  who is down on the floor, and you slip and mess up your back, what good are you to anyone, much less the broken person on the floor. The paramedics are skilled to know if the person is seriously hurt and what should be done next. In most cases they will recommend an emergency room visit for x-rays. Even more so, they will say you need to get this checked out and find out why you fell.

My husband’s mother kept falling until she could no longer lift herself out of bed. I called 911 and the nice, young, strong paramedics came, got her up, and took her to the hospital where she was treated for a myriad of problems. Call the professionals. Unless, of course, you have MD at the end of your name. Then, you should know what to do.

5 responses to “Call 911

  1. Great advice.

  2. I’ll remember that if my husband ever falls. No self help for him! 🙂

  3. I have MD at the end of my name, and it’s a good thing. A year or so ago, one of our neighbors came looking for Sam because the woman in the house next to hers had fallen and couldn’t get up. Sam’s a big dude, so she figured he could help. I went instead, talked to the woman who was sitting in the doorway (she tripped going back into the house) and called 911. She had a broken hip. Having the MD after my name makes me *more likely* to call, not less.

    That said, if your family member falls and you don’t want them to go the hospital, you can call the non-emergency number for your fire and police department (in the US, anyway). They’ll come without the lights and sirens and help your loved one get off the floor, but will not automatically transport to the hospital – and you can always say “no” to hospital transport, anyway.

    • My friend who passed away in November had to be rescued twice with paramedics, and then each time, drove herself to her doctor’s office. We have no idea how she did it the last time because her knee was badly bruised and she had to use that leg for the clutch!

  4. great advice, thanks!

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