Making brownies


Leeya came to stay with us last week. Although we didn’t go anywhere, we had lots of fun.

It was very hot so we played in the sprinklers. The next day we made brownies in the morning and made mud pies in the afternoon, again playing in the water.

Later that day Leeya’s other grandma and aunt came to visit. She showed them all the things she had been doing while staying at our house.

We had painted her toenails and fingernails. Using snack materials and toy plates, Leeya was able to use division and sorting skills. After demonstrating, we ate the munchies. Then it was time for Nana and Aunt Sara to leave.

The next day we take Leeya home but we don’t leave. We stay the next two days taking care of Leeya and her baby brother.

9 responses to “Making brownies

  1. Lucky Leeya! I can see what a great time you’re having too.

  2. Love this! I always equate brownies with the start of summer. Reminds me of swim team socials and neighborhood potlucks! PS: I spent quite a bit of time in your neck of the woods this spring. Between the weddings and the graduations, I should have moved to Wisco for the duration! 🙂

  3. OK, I’m not on crack, I promise. Just commented on a post by a Wisconsin blogger. No, I haven’t been in your neck of the woods as of late, but wish I had! 🙂

  4. I know just how Melissa feels. Sometimes I comment way too quickly and call someone by the wrong name or something. Those brownies look like they were fun to make, and we KNOW they were fun to eat! 🙂

  5. Leeya must love it at Grandma’s house!

    • She wasn’t too thrilled to be leaving. We had to call her mother and try to talk her through getting dressed and out the door. It was very hard.

  6. certainabsurdity

    I think my mom has made brownies twice with the grandkids this past week. Keeping them busy is a full time job, but is creating great memories!

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