Week 5


Last Saturday, while we were in San Mateo taking care of grandchildren, there was a major celebration in this area-the Organic Stone Fruit Jubilee. A group from our church went to this where local growers brought their best fruit to be tasted.

Two of the most popular fruits from that big party are in my box–Earlirich peaches and June Pearl nectarines.

I will be interested in seeing how good these two stone fruits taste in comparison with other pieces and if I agree with the crowds at the Jubilee.


6 responses to “Week 5

  1. Mmmmm…. they look absolutely yummy! Does stone fruits mean it’s not free of the seed?

    • Stone fruit means it has a big really big pit! Peaches, apricots, plums and all the varieties that have been made from them, are called stone fruit.

  2. it will be interesting indeed!

  3. I LOVE peaches! But I always buy too many and they don’t get eaten fast enough. Are you making a peach cobbler?

    • Haven’t had enough of ONE variety to make a cobbler or pie for the past couple of weeks. We just eat them, a couple a day or so. Our diet is pretty much plant-based so it’s easy to get them all eaten before then go bad.

  4. They are so pretty! Bet they are delicious!

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