More fruit


My friend, Gladys, and I headed down the road yesterday to a small town that we’ve visited before. I have twitter and Facebook connections with some of the merchants in the small town of Reedley. They had reminded me, through those social media, that it had been many months since I had visited. Gladys and I thought Wednesday would be the perfect day because there is a farmer’s market in the late afternoon.

We first stopped at Mainstreet Cafe and had berry pie and caught up on our lives for the past few weeks. We walked through many of the shops, afterwards, waiting for the farmer’s market to start.

I had been sent a coupon for The Berry Lady so that was my destination. Gladys and I each bought nine pints of blackberries. Beautiful organic fruit.

I put four pints in the freezer, ate one pint, and made a pie with the other four containers.

This is just the best time of the year. Not only do we have all this wonderful fruit, but the light is so beautiful. Our temperatures are cooler than normal, but it is very dry. I’m thankful for each day.


3 responses to “More fruit

  1. That certainly does look scrumptious. I am also thankful for each day and am enjoying the cool weather we’ve been having. June was lovely! I hope our July will be a good one, too.

  2. oh your pie looks sooo delicious! Yum. I am loving this time of year.

  3. Mmmmmmmm! That looks absolutely scrumptious! Blueberry is my husband’s favorite. We’ve never had a blackberry pie before. Would love to try one someday.

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