Blogs, friends, & skillets


That skillet up there, the one in the forefront, with the tortilla sitting in enchilada sauce? It has a story.

A friend of mine, whom I met through her blog, is leaving Fresno and moving to a small house in Washington state. When I read she was majorly downsizing, it was just after the handle had broken on one of my skillets. Knowing this young lady has very good taste, I thought she might have a skillet she would not be moving two states away. So, I did what I often do, I asked.

And she did have an extra one that she offered to me. Wasnt that super kind of her? She’s that kind of girl.

Terry and I went over last evening and picked it up, and today I put it to use, making enchiladas which takes two skillets, as you can see from the photo. The filling is in the back skillet.

I will miss Kimberly being in town, but I will get to read about her new adventures. And I will think of her every time I pull out the skillet to make something.

4 responses to “Blogs, friends, & skillets

  1. Aw! 🙂 So glad the skillet is so useful for you. I will miss knowing you’re just a few miles away, Delaine. I hope that if you and Terry visit Washington, you’ll look us up. It is called “Sunny Sequim” for a reason! 🙂

  2. They are moving to Sequim? Well, that’s cheating! It hardly rains in Sequim as opposed to MY part of Washington state (Bellingham). Seriously, everyone says it’s a wonderful place to retire. Congratulations, Kimberly.

    • Kim had told us that the rain misses Sequim. But, she’s not retiring there, DJan. Kim is one of my young friends (I’m trying to make more of these), and she and her husband will be continuing their teaching careers there.

  3. It’s so good to have such lovely friends! That looks very delicious!

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