The blue square on the left is last summer’s journal. The black one is this summer’s journal. Think I have more to say this year?

My journaling has changed. I’m collecting word lists from my reading. I write down snatches of overheard conversation. I do some sketching. So, I need bigger pages. My last three journals have been this style from Barnes & Noble.

I finished writing the Allied Arts Girls book and have begun to ponder what to do next. In the church archives, there is another box of ledgers and minutes books. Nothing as fancy as the AA Girls’ metal box, but pretty complete for almost 50 years of meetings. This one was the Welcome Class, made up of elderly ladies in the church. The group existed from 1923 to 1971.

Making notes and thinking on paper. July should be an exciting month.


6 responses to “Writing

  1. I look forward to your sharing on here. It’s always exciting to start a new journal. I don’t keep one any more, but I did write in one for more than a decade.

    • I have been journaling since the summer of 1997. I started with a very small book that I got in Yosemite Park. I think the journaling took the place of my motherhood duties! I’ve never stopped, but I will say that finding storage space for almost twenty years of journals is a bit daunting.

  2. happy journalling!

  3. Ever since I started blogging my journalling has taken a backseat. Hmmm… I think I’ll go and see where I’ve stored them.

    • My journaling is so much different from my blogging. I tell stories with my blog. I question and think and try to solve problems with my journaling.

  4. Been there and don’t ever want to be in a psychiatric hospital again. (post-partum depression). Dianne

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