Middle of the summer


This is Box 6 of our summer fruit subscription. Since there will be 12 boxes, this is the middle.

There are three plum varieties in this assortment, along with one peach variety and one type of nectarine that we’ve had before.

The nectarines are very ripe so we are quickly devouring them.


7 responses to “Middle of the summer

  1. lovely time of year, juicy nectarines!

  2. Mmmm… That looks wonderful!

  3. All of my favorite fruits in one place.

    Come and link up to this week’s link party when you get a chance… Hope to see you there!

  4. Those plums look so scrumptious!

  5. This is the first time in three years that we have gotten a tree full of peaches and a little squirrel tried to eat them all before they got ripe. I shot at him and scared him off, but didn’t have the heart to kill him and there were finally so many he couldn’t eat them all, so I got some! Those are beautiful.

  6. We have a walnut tree that they nest in and have plenty to eat. This was just a little one that got a taste for the peaches. Anyway, he survived and is growing daily along with his two siblings. I got 122 peaches and he got about 40.

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