Never bored


I am working from the family room today with a view of the patio and backyard, doing research on another group of women with the idea of another book.

Each time I look up from the journals of handwritten pages dating back to 1923, I see the backyard wildlife.

The small sparrows fly in, under the patio roof, to land in the dish of dry catfood, picking a morsel before hopping out and fluttering around.

The bluejays and mocking birds are fighting for territory farther out, under the pear tree and over the greenhouse pad.

The squirrels scamper up and down the pear tree, picking over the goodies I have put out there for their snacks. It’s getting very hot, so one is lounging on a branch, drooping his front quarters over the limb while keeping watch.

The orange cat is stretched out on the recently watered lawn so as to keep cool. He too has been on the patio to get some food and a drink of water.

Although the history of these women who lived in another century is fascinating to me, the antics of today’s critters makes for a humorous respite.

2 responses to “Never bored

  1. It sounds like a wonderful, relaxing day for you. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • The day was spent at home, so that was good, but I was very busy with many tasks. This weekend will be quieter, for which I am most thankful.

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