Hot July Day


Today was Ladies Who Lunch at Batterup Pancakes, a small family-run restaurant in my neighborhood.

That’s my friend Gladys who brought Helen, my other friend, and me some of her first cherry tomatoes. I ate mine immediately while we caught up with one another and attempted to decide what to order at this breakfast specialty house.

Being noon, we all bypassed the breakfast offerings and went with salads and sandwiches. Since I am on the lookout for a good local hamburger, that was my selection. I was not disappointed and would return for another burger when the craving hits. We have three places in the bay area where we get excellent burgers and a beer. No beer at Batterup, unless you count root beer, which I had.

After lunch I swung by and picked up my csa boxes. Here is Week 7’s stone fruit offering:


4 responses to “Hot July Day

  1. I know I have said it before, but… YUM on the CSA basket. The burger (for me), not so much. Good thing we are all different, eh? 🙂

    • We no longer have a bbq grill so we never have burgers at home any more. I get one about once every few months when we are near one of our favorite places. I don’t eat fast food burgers, though, only ones at small, independent places, so please, dear Readers, do not deluge me with franchise burger places. I avoid those like the plague. actually, they are the plague.

  2. happiness in a bowl 🙂

    Come and add your link to this week’s party… Hope to see you there!

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