Cleaning out the produce drawer


Tomorrow we will get a new csa box. More veggies and fruit will arrive for us to enjoy, but before that happens, we need to finish off the remains of last week’s produce. Or in the case of the basil, three weeks ago.

Terry offered to get Chinese food for dinner from our corner take-away. While he went to pick up orange chicken, I cooked sticky rice and chopped up the final bits of produce for the really tasty salad you see at the top of this post.

One tomato, half a red onion, a cucumber, a few basil leaves mixed with a dressing of catsup, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

This made for the perfect dinner on a hot evening when the temperature hit 102.

I’m excited to see what goodies will arrive tomorrow in our box for us to eat this next week.

7 responses to “Cleaning out the produce drawer

  1. Oh, YUM! Looks good to me. I think maybe this idea of a csa box is the way to go. I’m frustrated with my garden right now…

  2. Looks deliciously refreshing 🙂

    Come and share this lovely dish with the rest of the party… Hope to see you there!

  3. What is a csa box and how do I get one? The salad sounds so refreshing on a warm evening.

    • I have been writing about my csa boxes for four years now. I took a break from the subscription when we lived in San Francisco because I had the farmer’s market at the Ferry Building just two blocks from our apartment. You can read more about csa here:
      Our csa farmer provides most of the produce in our box. It’s all organic, even the stuff he gets from other growers. Sometimes it gets boring because it’s seasonal and local. This past spring was long so we got lots of greens which I foisted off on our neighbor. Summer fruits and veggies, though, hardly last long enough.

  4. your salad looks lovely!

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