Taking pictures, making friends, having lunch, etc.

As I wrote yesterday, my friends, the Ladies Who Lunch, went to Batterup for our noon time meal. Locally owned, small place, only a half mile from my house. I could have walked, but I didn’t, since the noontime temperature was 95 degrees. Although I like to walk, and that’s an easy one, I also like to remain in one solid piece, not a melted puddle on the sidewalk. Nor do I like my face to melt and run down my shirt causing me to show up looking like some deranged clown. It’s preferable to have people want to sit near you, not have small children running and hiding when forced to walk by the table with the melted clown.

We had fun yesterday, and Gladys, the gal pictured in yesterday’s post, took a number of photos to post on Facebook. I am the usual photographer, but I was glad she was taking the reins and doing it this time. She even got our waitress into the act, taking a couple of photos of us as we entered the building. Funny thing, though, no pictures of our food. We were too hungry and too busy talking, and so we just scarfed down the food while talking a mile a minute. We’re like that.

On the way out, two hours later, Gladys took a picture of the waitresses. The one on the left was the one who assisted us:

She was quite the sweetheart, standing and listening to us jabber on about how, why, where, whatever, we do these things. Bless her heart, she even asked about my blog. So, if she shows up here, thank you very much for taking good care of three little ol’ ladies.


One response to “Taking pictures, making friends, having lunch, etc.

  1. She looks like a sweetheart, you’re right. I love pictures, they tell the tale so well of our lives. Keep ’em coming! 🙂

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