What’s in your bucket?

I’m having a pretty easy morning today. Except for the cat throwing up on my shoes. That wasn’t planned for. By me, anyway. Who knows with a cat. They seem to figure out some of the best places to throw up. After using my shoes, he next went to the heater vent. Got there soon enough to keep from that happening. Sometimes I can outsmart the cat.

The grandchildren left home so I am alone, with the cats. It’s very quiet and peaceful. Almost like being in my house. Except for the pile of toys I’m sitting next to on the couch. And the pile of dirty dishes in the sink. The only dishwasher in this place is of the human kind. Being the only human in the house right now, that task should fall to me. I’m ignoring it.

Tiny granddaughter is at Vacation Bible School. The one her mother is directing and her grandfather is photographing. I will join them at lunch time. Hot dogs–kid food.

Tiny grandson went to the farmer’s market to buy plums and get vittles for tonight’s picnic supper. There is a concert in Central Park and we plan to be there, with our dinner. He took his father along with some money to buy the food since his sleepers don’t have any pockets, making it hard to carry cash.

Speaking of cash, the kids at Vacation Bible School are collecting money to buy mosquito netting to send to Mali where kids still die from malaria which is caused by mosquito bites. Tiny granddaughter rounded up some coin to contribute. She put it in a green bucket that she also uses for dirt when she digs in the yard. She informed me that she had money in the bucket and a dollar. Looking in, sure enough, there was a pile of coin at the bottom and a dollar bill lying on the top. So, where do you keep your money?

4 responses to “What’s in your bucket?

  1. glad you have a bit of a break! and the little ones are so cute!

  2. Your granddaughter is learning compassion. It’s in short supply these days, so it’s very encouraging. I keep my money in my pants pocket.

  3. We have a similar money saving system. A large jar. Once it’s full, we take it to Coinstar and cash it out. My husband and I make bets about how much is actually in there. We’re both usually wrong.

  4. What is it with the cat throwing up anyway? Sometimes I listen to my cat in another room and I am sitting there wishing she would just get it up and over with and then I will go find it and clean it up.

    Where do I keep my money? Mostly in the bank to pay bills automatically. But I do have some change in what used to be a small jewelry box.

    Your grands are learning to share in a wonderful manner.

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