Returning to the unsticky, clean, calm planet

We were gone for one week. I will be doing laundry for days. How do two people accumulate so much laundry? Are we really that dirty? YES!

The cat threw up on my tennis shoes so those went in the washer first. Kid slobbers and milk splatters are on most of my shirts. Sticky hands were wiped on my pants. Not MY sticky hands. I asked the tiny grandchildren, one day, “Why is everything in this house sticky?” They just looked at me like I had come from another planet. Yes, the planet of unsticky. To which I have returned.

7 responses to “Returning to the unsticky, clean, calm planet

  1. My aunt and uncle had seven kids, and for years, I’d go over there, reach for a dish cloth, and wipe off the back of the kitchen chairs.

    (The kids are grown now, so I don’t have to do that anymore.)

  2. It’s nice to go to a new place, but even nicer to return home.

    • We were staying with our grandchildren at our daughter’s house. We did stay at a hotel at night, getting in about 8 pm and leaving at 6:30 in the morning. Long days.

  3. welcome home. I’ve just learned of this product called Resolve, stain remover!

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