The evils of my favorite food groups

Potato chips have two of my favorite food groups–salt and fat. Last week I got a handful of potato chips with a hot dog at one of those Vacation Bible School lunches. It was my heavenly reward. Sitting there, at a picnic table, surrounded my screaming children, I was delighted to be munching on those salty, greasy chips. I wish there was a way I could live on potato chips; but alas, my body was not made to allow that. I could eat a whole bag of chips if it was in my house. And if I didn’t care how I felt the next day.

You see, my body cannot handle potato chips in a very large quantity. Same thing with donuts. Donuts have two of my favorite food groups–sugar and fat. Do you see a pattern here? A pattern of ruin and damnation? My life could be so lovely if only my metabolic engineering would cooperate. Just as one cannot pour sugar in your car’s gas tank and expect to go anywhere, neither can one pour sugar, fat, and salt into your stomach and expect to get very far down the road. Although it feels so good when eating that stuff, I feel so lousy later on. And I really like to feel good.

At the end of the week of bad eating, I had a sore throat. At least the beginning of a sore throat. I gargled with hot water and started sucking on the echinacea-laden throat lozenges my daughter had. There was no zinc in the house, though. I grumbled my way through the day with the scratchy throat, made the three hour drive home, and immediately started with my own zinc and echinacea treatment as soon as I hit the door of my house. By Sunday I was feeling fine and continue to do so today. I’m also eating better.

So, there you have it. Eat badly and you might enjoy the sensation for a moment, but the evils of salt, fat, and sugar will catch up with you. Eat healthy.

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6 responses to “The evils of my favorite food groups

  1. Been there, done that…over and over and over.

  2. Amen! Glad to hear that you staved off whatever it was that was trying to get ahold of you. I also recently discovered a tea called “Throat Coat” that really helps keep me from getting sick when I have a sore throat.

    • I’ve heard of this but never tried it. I love my zinc lozenges. I understand there is good chemistry in it. The zinc vapors go up into the sinus which help to keep it clear of gunk. The gunk is what gets us. It sits there and grows bacteria. Which makes us sick.

  3. Definitely! I have the same favorite food groups. Sugar, fat, salt. Sigh… It really is hard for me to be good too. I haven’t had potato chips in such a long time. I’m glad you were able to beat off the cold with healthy eating.

  4. Do you like Pringles potato chips? Oh, I know they’re not as great as a nice greasy Lay’s or a Ruffle, but earlier in the week I had this insatiable Pringles craving so I bought a can. The nutritional info said 150 calories an ounce, so I pulled out a stack that was about what I’d eat in one snacking session, put it on our kitchen scale and was astounded to see that it was not even quite half an ounce! Out of curiosity, I piled more chips on the scale to see how many it took to get to one ounce, and it was easily 2.5 – 3 times the amount of chips I’d grab for a snack or to go with a sandwich. Nothing beats original Lay’s, in my opinion, but this was a nice compromise.

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