Sunday morning

A lovely cool morning. Cool is a relevant term here in the San Joaquin Valley in the summer time. Seventy degrees is pretty nice for 9:30.

I am sitting on the patio, enjoying a slight breeze that jingles the wind chimes. The birds are calling to one another or complaining about the cat that is slinking around in the backyard. The morning sun dapples the yard with leave shadows. I can see that the spiders have been busy as the sun glints off their web city built on palm fronds that fell last winter and still await Terry’s chainsaw and the green container. The pile is growing smaller and soon the spiders will need to migrate.

Have I mentioned how much I love summer mornings in Fresno?


3 responses to “Sunday morning

  1. 67degrees, cool breeze, sun sneaking through the pine trees. Beautiful morning up here in the mountains, also.

  2. It’s so nice to hear that Fresno has cooled down a bit. Nice picture!

  3. Ahhhh… What a lovely way to spend Sunday.

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