The peach team


My friend Gladys has peach trees in her backyard. The second variety for the season has just started ripening. Perfect timing for her volunteer day at Ronald McDonald House Central Valley. She picked about 50 pieces of the stone fruit for us to take out there.

Gladys goes to read to siblings staying at the house while their brother or sister are hospitalized. I offered to go along today and do something with all those peaches.

While she worked with children, I worked in the kitchen and produced five peach cobblers for the residents to enjoy.

I can not fathom what it must be like to have your baby ill or even near death. My way of coping with tragedy has always been to go in the kitchen and make comfort food. I am hopeful that the peach cobblers did that today.


3 responses to “The peach team

  1. That’s a wonderful thing to do. I am so impressed with your ability to make something sweet and thoughtful while others are hurting.

  2. oh what a wonderful thing to do, and your cobbler looks delicious!

    • Although I took my own spices, milk, and cornstarch, the remainder of the ingredients came from the house’s pantry. Used pancake syrup for sweetener for the peaches and Bisquick and sugar for the topping. If you like to cook, doing so for an organization such as Ronald McDonald House gives you a sense of purpose.

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