Decided to get my hair cut really short with the idea of seeing just how much gray is there and how my real color looks. I like the haircut as my head feels much lighter, but I’ve still made no decision about letting my hair go natural. Too many people tell me to keep the red.

I’ve been a redhead for almost thirteen years, and I sort of feel I’m at an age where I should let my hair go natural, but I don’t have a pretty color to begin with, and the gray just makes it drabber. For now, I’m still pondering.



8 responses to “Haircut

  1. The cut is a good one, and I think you will know when (or even if) you ever decide to stop being a redhead is the right way to go. You don’t have to be pushed by anybody else’s idea of what you need to do. But that’s just my opinion! 🙂

  2. Thanks, DJan, for your input. I appreciate all the advice I can get and will weigh it all. I’m leaning towards keeping the color because there just isn’t enough white hair yet. My mother didn’t turn gray until closer to 70. Same for my sister, who is 17 years older than me. Her hair is now a pretty white in front with dark in the back, which is probably the way mine will go. There is no gray at the base of my scalp, but lots of white around my face.

  3. Keeping the hair natural is the best suited option for your hairs. But in today’s modern world, no one like to have grey hairs. But you should always have to opt for professional as if you do it by yourself, you would end up by ruining your look. If you want to get a perfect salon for doing hair coloring and cut, visit us

  4. Aha! You and I have the same haircut now, but yours is a better cut. I don’t color my hair because I’m too lazy to keep roots from showing the gray.

    • I’m looking at those gray roots now. Thinking about what I’m seeing. Would I really want my hair to be that color? I’m thinking NOT. The red keeps me looking more vibrant, and I really like to live a vibrant life.

  5. I cannot picture anything about you as drab. Maybe you could change the color slightly, compromise on the color issue and still not go grey.

  6. The haircut looks lovely and I like the red.

    • Thank you. I’m really enjoying the much shorter hair. My new hairdresser has had a hard time cutting it short. She likes the short look too. My previous hairdresser always cut my hair SUPER short and it’s just so much easier to care for.

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