So very sad

Oh, why, oh, why, oh why do some of you make it so hard to leave a comment on your blog? You write lovely things and I so want to say something. Often, I will get my whole long-winded comment typed, only to find that I must now decode some hieroglyphics to gain access. I will try and try again, to no avail. I give up and go away. You never get to know how much I liked your writing.

May I make a suggestion? If you are a blogger who doesn’t want comments, just disengage the comment box and I will move on after reading. If you want comments, please make it easy for a reader to do so.

14 responses to “So very sad

  1. Certain Absurdity

    I totally agree. I have trouble leaving comments on blogger accounts.

    • Yes, Blogger is the worst of the worst, but today I ran into another odd one. I typed out a response only to have to log into something that never allowed me in. I can only suspect that the blogger wants to kind of keep their blog secret. It’s there to be read but not to be commented. At least not by ME.

  2. I think Blogger is doing a much better job filtering spam than it used to, so there’s no reason to make commenters jump through hoops to “prove they’re a real person”.

    • I’ve never understood why Blogger is so quirky. Or why bloggers choose to go with Blogger. To me it’s a difficult, non-intuitive software. As for blogging, a writer is putting their words out there in the universe, for all to see. Why be so picky about who makes comments?

  3. Amen to that!

  4. hear hear! thanks for the roasted beet recipe btw!

  5. I’m not even sure what my blog does to commenters…I never intentionally did anything to make it weird but it’s a Blogspot blog, so it may be being difficult automatically. Not even sure how to change it if that were so…

  6. I have often wondered if anyone has an issue with my comment block. I love comments and I hope someone would let me know if they have a problem. Dianne

  7. I use Blogger because it’s easy. I have a captcha because I find pornographic spam traumatic. Sorry, Delaine, I’ll miss you.

  8. And FYI – in order to leave this comment, I had to log into WordPress.

  9. Is everyone finding the Captchas more difficult to decode, or is it just me? Sometimes I just give up. . .

    • That is the truth, Susan. They are now using photos of numbers they find in random places. And the letters look like they were typed with a worn out typewriter ribbon. If it doesn’t take on the first try, I move on.

  10. I have tried leaving comments on a couple blogs recently, had left comments in the past, and now my comment does not appear. I don’t spend much time mourning the loss, just interesting I guess. Hope things are going well otherwise for you.

  11. I’m sorry my blog is doing that to you. Based on your comments, I turned off word verification and had 7 spam comments in two hours so I had to turn it back on. Like Jay, porn spam makes Helly a sad panda.

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