Encountering former students everywhere you go

The trip to the Naval Base in Lemoore garnered a reacquaintance with a former student from the class of 1996, same year our daughter graduated from another large high school here in town.

Nicole was one of those students who took every business class we offered as well as being our department aide. In her senior year she took a class that allowed her to work outside of the classroom, and I believe her placement was at City Hall. After all these years, she is still there, now as chief of staff for the politician for whose retirement ceremony we had come to Lemoore to witness and photograph.

When I first saw Nicole, I recognized her from somewhere, but it didn’t register until she came over after the ceremony to chat. We had previously run into each other at City Hall when I had been there on one of those innumerable field trips with the Marketing Academy students.

It’s good to see our former students doing well. Not only does she have the high-profile job, she also has twin daughters. Busy lady.

Delaine and Nicole


2 responses to “Encountering former students everywhere you go

  1. What fun!!! I met a former student last year in Illinois and when I squinted, I could see that little first grader again.

  2. How wonderful to run into former students and see them doing so well. I wasn’t a school teacher but still run into former skydiving students and am glad to see them doing well!

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