Demonstration of exercise for sciatica

Starting position


Swing left arm back, towards right ankle.

Go back to starting position.


Now swing to the other direction. Swing right arm back towards left ankle.


7 responses to “Demonstration of exercise for sciatica

  1. Great! Do I hold it for any length of time? I will try it next time my sciatica acts up. Thanks so much!!!

    • No. I don’t hold but for a moment. It’s really best if you use this as preventative. I do this routine twice day. No sciatica problems. I got this from a magazine.

  2. Thanks, this is really simple, I may try it just because it feels good! And will pass it on!

    • Yes, very simple. So glad you like it. My neighbor’s daughter was stopping every couple of hours to do it, but if you use it as a preventative, then once a day might be just fine.

  3. I agree that this is great as just a stretching exercise too. I’m doing it right now. Thanks a bunch!

    • You’re welcome. Yes, just stretching is so good for our bodies. I have a spinal issue and do a set of exercises on the floor for that, again more prevention. And so easy.

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