From the doctor’s office

This sort of goes along with the exercise I do for sciatica. I was in my doctor’s office for a visit today. Having been asked to lie down so she could poke, prod, and listen, I sat up and grabbed my ankles when done. My doctor made some remark about my amazing flexibility. I laughed. That was nothing.

“You should see some of the stunts I do with the grandchildren; they keep me limber.”

“No, I’ve seen other grandparents. They are not like that. You are very flexible, very limber.”

A year or so ago, I posted this picture on Facebook and had a number of people make comments about not being able to get up should they squat down like this: 

Guess it’s those exercises I’ve been doing!

3 responses to “From the doctor’s office

  1. Thanks for those sciatica exercises. I squat like that, too, but I know that some people just can’t, their calf muscles are too short…

    • Interesting. How do people get things from the bottom shelves or from the floor? Guess you need one of those clamps like short people use to get items from tall shelves. That’s where I have trouble. Fortunately, Terry is very tall and he gets items down from the top shelves.

  2. good for you being flexible!

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