Not everyone wants help

Earlier this week I was in the church office, getting some post cards for a project, when an older member came through the door complaining about her neck problems and how the three vertebra in her neck were causing tingling in her arm.

I have a similar issue with my neck (it’s called spinal stenosis) and asked her if she was able to get down on the floor. I know there are people who cannot lower themselves to the floor and then get back up. She seemed to be agreeable so I demonstrate the two exercises that I do to keep the pinched nerves to a minimum. She watched me (it must have looked ridiculous, there in the middle of the church office, me on the floor, doing these movements) and then started telling me about the pain in her hip going down into her leg.

“Do you have sciatica? I have an exercise for that, too.”

Then I demonstrate the exercise I shared with you this week. She just looked at me, turned, and went back out the door. I got the feeling she didn’t want to hear any solutions that involved exercise.


7 responses to “Not everyone wants help

  1. She wasn’t looking for solutions, just to continue complaining

  2. Ha! She didn’t actually want you to help, just listen to here, I guess. I have used that sciatica thing a couple of times already!! Thank you…

  3. you meant well anyway!

  4. OH dear…. Too bad. She really should have listened to you and taken your advice. Doesn’t hurt to try… well… sort of.

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