What do you do on Saturdays?

When teaching, Saturdays were filled to the max with grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, and all the other chores I could cram in. I would panic if someone suggested an activity that caused me to vary this routine. In retirement, Saturdays are very flexible. We usually have pancakes for breakfast. Terry makes the most wonderful pancakes and they are the only ones I will eat.

This morning we had a bit of a change. We got up earlier than usual, had a quick non-pancake breakfast, and headed to Ronald McDonald House so that Terry could photograph this group who made pancakes for the residents there as part of United Way’s Day of Caring:


They are from The Principal Financial Group which is a member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. That’s how we met them.

While we were at the house, I remembered that when I had been there the last time and made a 3-bean salad, the knives were all dull. Terry does a great job of sharpening our knives so I asked him to do that for all three kitchens. So, after he took the requisite photos, he shifted gears and did this:


We were done with all these tasks by 10 o’clock which left time to stop at Michael’s to look for materials for me to build a burning bush for my Sunday School lesson tomorrow. I’m teaching about Moses and Mt. Horeb where God speaks from the burning bush, telling Moses to get back to Egypt and get his people out of there. Of course, it wasn’t quite that easy. Next week we will have bugs, frogs, and a few other plagues.

Yes, my weekends are certainly different now that I am retired.

9 responses to “What do you do on Saturdays?

  1. We saw the burning bush in Egypt and it wasn’t what I expected. For one thing, it was large and was more like a variety of a rose bush. It was really wonderful to see it next to St. Catherine’s monastery.

    • But the burning bush wasn’t in Egypt, it was in Midian, on Mt. Horeb to be exact. Moses was told by God to return to Egypt and tell Pharoah to let his people go. My “bush” was very tiny in comparison. But the kids loved it.

  2. My husband is the go-to guy when it comes to knife sharpening. He does not take his skill to other places, tho. I carry a knife from home when I need to work in the church kitchen.

  3. My husband also keeps our knives razor sharp. He has hidden the sharpest ones from me, which is just fine! You’re not really going to BURN that bush, are you? 🙂

    • I would never light anything. I am terribly afraid of fire. Had I been Moses, out there at Mt. Horeb, and I saw a burning bush, I would have turned and run, screaming all the way home. I used some small fake plants and then put these shimmery leaves in among the plants. I thought the kids would like the snake and the staff but it was the burning bush that they most liked.

  4. I’ve never learned how to use a knife sharpener, unfortunately. I think I’m so not mechanical. I just use eversharp knives, tut tut! Lovely retirement lifestyle you have, giving back some.

    • Christine, I haven’t a clue how to sharpen knives. That’s why Terry does it. If I lived by myself I would have to take my knives to a store to be sharpened. I like really sharp knives.

  5. Good question, I still do things like change the sheets on Saturday. I find it helps to keep to a schedule. Dianne

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