The future starts now


I came across this photo on a Facebook page. Thought it pretty appropriate for the life I have been living.

Hindsight, like studying history, can tell you a whole lot about the life you have lived, or the life of those around you. In hindsight, I see a lot of errors I, as well as others, have made. Although I cannot get others to undo their mistakes, I, like this photo says, can start where I am, with what I’ve got, and do things differently. One of those reasons I have returned to teaching Sunday School.

History can be a good thing to study and see if we can do it differently the next time around.


4 responses to “The future starts now

  1. I love that picture/motto!

  2. I can see where this would be a rather interesting thing to think about since I’ve just gone to my 45th high school reunion. I’m starting again with what I have and will do what I can. 🙂

  3. I am a historian and I can tell you history is confusing to say the least as there are multiple interpretations. I mean for goodness sake, we can’t even figure out who won the 2000 election. Dianne

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