Do you remember this?

This bottle of Sterno must be about 30 years old. That was about the time I was doing elaborate dinner parties, one being a fondue party.

I had all these fondue pots, even an electric one I used for the meat course. We would start with cheese fondue and crudités. Next would be meats and breads with a big bowl of green salad. Dessert was chocolate with strawberries and angel food cake. Who eats like that any more?

Today the new microwave oven is coming, so I had to empty the cabinet over the range. There was this bottle, shoved all the way in the back corner. I’m throwing it out. Fondue parties are from another lifetime.



2 responses to “Do you remember this?

  1. I certainly remember fondue pots and when they were popular. No, we don’t eat like that any more! Hope you like your new microwave. 🙂

  2. It was also used by Boy Scouts of all people to start fires quickly when the wood was wet or you needed a big bonfire fast.

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