The new microwave is a spy

The appliance installer came around 3 pm with the new microwave, just as I should be going out to pick up the csa box, but since he parked his very large box truck in the driveway, I was stuck at home.

He had to redrill the holes in the cabinet, AGAIN. Each of the three microwaves has required a different set of attachment screws. The noise was bone-shaking. Terry had to keep telling me it was necessary.

Finally I heard the beep-beep of the timer and it was all done. We just had to replace all the items pulled out of the cabinets and from the counter. And relearn the control panel. There is a very curious button– It supposedly allows you to microwave “healthy food choices by serving” size. I think the government is spying on what I’m eating.


2 responses to “The new microwave is a spy

  1. Ha! That’s funny. How does it KNOW? 🙂

    • DJan, I bet it’s sending microwaves through the air, telling some government agency just what we are heating in our microwave. Someone will be very bored with our stats, though, as we don’t heat too many interesting things. Today it was used to heat my soy milk for coffee and Terry’s pancakes for breakfast. Wonder if his pancakes were the correct government serving size according to

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