We had a small earthquake

You may have heard that Central Valley had a small earthquake last night, 5.3. It happened just a little before midnight. I was in bed and felt a slight bump. The memory foam mattress seems to be sensitive to these things. We get a few small tremors every few weeks so I don’t think too much about it.


4 responses to “We had a small earthquake

  1. Glad it was nothing serious

  2. I did hear about this one. Glad it felt minor. Our school just had an earthquake drill but I don’t ever recall doing one when I taught in CA.

  3. I have never felt an earthquake, and now that I live in country where it might happen, I wonder what it’s like. A little bump I wouldn’t mind.

    • Even the ’89 Loma Prieta quake didn’t do much shaking down here in the valley. I was driving when it hit and had no idea it had occurred until I got to my destination and started hearing others’ stories. We live in a pretty safe place for California.

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