On another Halloween topic

I was grumbling last night as I had older kids and even adults show up for trick-o-treating. Lamented the situation on Facebook. Then, I rethought the subject, and this is what I posted this morning:

Times have changed, and there is bone-crushing poverty in this town. Begging on street corners has become a legitimate means of making a living for people. So, I should not be surprised to have adults begging for candy on my doorstep. I remember, as a small child, bums coming to our back porch, begging for food. My mother always had something to give them. Therefore, I too should be willing to share the bounty.

We live a very blessed life. Who am I to begrudge someone a few pieces of candy?


4 responses to “On another Halloween topic

  1. I’ve never thought of it that way! You may have given those older kids and adults the only treats they’ve had for a while.

  2. I had three older kids (maybe ten to twelve) who were my only visitors. I was happy to give them candy, because there would be less for me to eat later! 🙂

    • Thirty two years ago, when we first moved here, we had hordes of children, all dressed in costume. Maybe, after 8 pm, there would be some high schoolers, but that was seldom. I usually ran out of candy before 8 and shut off the lights. About 15 years ago, people from the poorer parts of town were bussing their kids into the neighborhood; again, though, they were in costume. In 2012, we have some small children, very few costumes, and lots of older kids (high school/college) and adults, some w/children.

  3. That is a very kind way to look at it…….I would rather give the candy to an adult in need than a teenage taller than I am, talking on a cell phone, with a pillowcase full of candy.

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