Summer walk in November



I’ve been going out each day for a walk. Today I should have made my trek around the neighborhood during the cooler morning hours. Or, I should have changed into my summer shorts before heading out. I nearly collapsed from heat stroke. Again, our temperatures are in the 80s.

The picture is one of the streets in our development. Hot sun and pretty fall colors.


8 responses to “Summer walk in November

  1. Wow! That’s gorgeous! It looks like Illinois did when we were there last month.

  2. It does look like a summer sky, other than those leaves. Yikes! We are supposed to have a HIGH today of 48 degrees F. Can we trade? 🙂

  3. interesting that the trees are turning in that heat.

  4. Oh my! Glad you didn’t collapse… But what a pretty street! We don’t have autumn here. Love the colors of Fall. 🙂

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