Not more green beans!

The banquet hall

Terry and I attended the Red Heart Ball for Ronald McDonald House Central Valley last night. We had been asked to attend so that Terry could take photos of the evening. It was a lovely event with over 700 people in attendance to raise money for the local Ronald McDonald House for whom I have been doing some volunteer work.

Enjoying a glass of wine with the executive director

I got a good friend to volunteer at the house, and I went along for support and found lots of places where Terry and I could use our skills. Because Terry does photography for another nonprofit organization, one of the Ronald McDonald House employees asked if he would do likewise for them. Of course. It’s our way of giving back.

Last night, not only were Terry and I in attendance, but so was my friend who has been volunteering at the house. Here she is, pouring wine:

Another dear friend, who just retired from the same school where I taught for 21 years, was there last night with her husband who serves on the board of directors for Ronald McDonald House.

Dinner was a fabulous meal with filet mignon as the main course. The vegetable was green beans. I would usually be happy to see green beans, but we have been getting this veggie in our CSA box for the last four weeks. We have been eating a lot of green beans, so when I saw the ones last night, I sighed. Not more green beans.

Today, after operating the camera at church and teaching Sunday School, Terry and I came home to work on editing over 400 photos that were shot last night. It took much of the afternoon and suddenly it was dinner time. I quickly threw together some chicken patties, carrots, cornbread dressing, and, guess what?Green beans. Yep, we still have some left from that last CSA box.


3 responses to “Not more green beans!

  1. But… green beans are good for you! Great pictures. It looks like it was quite a success. Nice picture of you showing your red hair! 🙂

    • Yes, they are, and we’ve been eating plenty of them. I blanch each bag full that we get, keep them in the fridge and put them into different dishes or sauté them in butter with sliced almonds (our favorite way). Ronald McDonald also complimented my red hair, too!

  2. I love green beans and I love your photo also. Looks like a very posh affair indeed.

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