Bored? Never

Today was a “ladies who lunch” date with a few of my friends who worked together at that inner city high school for 21 years. We tried a small, local sandwich shop this time that people had told us was very good. We picked it as it was located near to one ladies’ hair appointment at 2:30. Eating so close let us talk right up to time of her appointment. That’s right! We talked for almost three hours. Surprised? You really shouldn’t be. Our lives are very interesting and we love to catch up on all the activities we have each been involved in since the last “ladies who lunch.”

One of the lunch ladies was at the Red Heart Ball that I wrote about earlier this week. In discussing the evening she mentioned that another friend had been concerned that I looked bored at one point in the evening. Gladys’s response was, “Delaine? Bored? Never.”

She’s right. I am never bored. Although I wasn’t spending a lot of time talking at the party, I was watching all the people. As you may remember, there were over 700 in attendance. Lots to watch. Terry was running around, taking photos, and I wanted to keep track of all that was happening in the room so that I could guide him to certain people.

One of the young ladies at my table was wanting to dance but none of the young men were asking her. I had made note of this and so when I could locate Terry, I maneuvered through the crowd to tell him he really should go dance with her. While I hold the camera, he does, and they both have a terrific time. Then it was back to more picture taking.

Terry dancing with our table mate.

I stopped at another table and visited with some other friends. Then it was time to draw the winning ticket for the Shelby car that was being given away that night. I didn’t have a ticket, but some of my friends did. None of them won. Some man in Claremont did get the phone call telling him he won the car. The tickets are sold all year long at auto shows around the country so the winner is usually someone from another part of the country. Next year’s car is a 1963 red Corvette, all original. Terry said he might buy a ticket for that one.

So, bored? Not then, not now, not ever.


7 responses to “Bored? Never

  1. I don’t get bored, either. Sometimes I need to find something to occupy my mind while traveling, but bored? Never. Life is too short! 🙂

    • I enjoy just sitting and watching people in places like airports and train stations. When we lived in San Francisco, I would walk for miles, just watching the people on the streets. It’s not as easy to see people while walking in Fresno. I actually have to drive somewhere to walk where there are people, but it always have so much to do and think about that it’s never a boring time.

  2. People-watching is the best entertainment around, and free! …and for my part, I’m sure I provide others with hours of fun.

    • Same thing here. I’m often stopped by people wanting to know the color of my hair and I have to explain that my hairdresser mixes up a special color combination. I also overhear people say things about the red hair.

  3. sounds like a fun evening!

  4. Terry is such a good sport and you are someone I’d want to have at any of my parties. I remember someone telling me once that if you go to a party, it is your responsibility to have fun. Sounds like something you might say.

    • I become much quieter and get tired pretty easily in the evenings. Therefore, we don’t do many evening events. This was a special case. In a few weeks we will photograph a big children’s party for the Hispanic Chamber, but it will be over by 8, and I don’t have to do much but people watch.

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