Making fruitcake

If you follow my photos at the bottom of the page, the Flickr link, you will notice a series of fruitcake photos. I decided, this year for the first time, to make my own fruitcake rather than continue to purchase it at Whole Foods for a very high price.

My mother always made fruitcake when I was growing up. Her brother lived in Georgia and had a pecan tree in his yard. Every year a large box of pecans would arrive in early November. It was often my job to shell those with the admonition to keep the meats whole and not broken to small bits. My mother liked to put whole nuts in her cakes. She used cherries and pineapple, but none of the citron. We lived in a land rich with raisins so those always went in, too. She would send Daddy to the liquor store to buy brandy to use in aging the cakes. The process was long as the cakes would age for weeks, in a cool, spare bedroom off of the kitchen. I always wanted to taste the cakes before it was time.

I don’t have my mother’s recipe, or if I do, it’s tucked away in the storage unit. I found a fruitcake recipe in a cookbook I have from the NAACP and it came with strong recommendations. I slightly altered it as it did not call for aging in brandy-soaked cheesecloth. It also called for mixed fruit (citron), but I used cherries and pineapple. I also did not have an orange to zest but instead used some orange concentrate. I liked the recipe, though, because it called for applesauce and a bit of cocoa. There is a pound of raisins as well as a pound of nuts in the batter.

The nine little cakes have been aging, in the guest room. Every other day I add more brandy to the cheesecloth wrappings. Yesterday, I decided to unwrap one and test it. I figured, these are my cakes, I don’t have to wait for my mother to say it’s okay to eat them. Although it could do with more aging, I have eaten the entire little cake. Now there are only eight still aging.



8 responses to “Making fruitcake

  1. lol! this is what happens with baking! I am obligated to finish eating my latest batch of cookies!

    • A few people have come forward and said they would like some of the fruitcake. Others have said, no thanks. I am meeting an online friend for the first time in person next Tuesday. She’s bringing me cheesecake and I’m taking her some fruitcake. Each offering is for the spouse.

  2. I’ve been thinking about making fruitcake this year too. I do some year, but not every year. I’d like to make a dark one, a light one, and an Siena Italian one…… hope it goes well for you.

    I’ll watch for developments… do you share recipes here too?

  3. PS… had to chuckle at your comment about not requiring your mom’s permission to sample ahead of time. My mom loves fruitcake right out of the oven. She figures that’s aged enough (LOL)!

  4. So that’s why they say fruit cakes last forever! It’s the alcohol! I guess I never much cared for it, but my husband and his sister are passionate about it. Every time somebody gives us some, he eats each precious morsel a little at a time. He’s quite happy that I’m not touching his horde. I would have liked to learn how to make it, but it sounds like way too much work.

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