More about the fruitcake

I am tasting another cake today, and am thinking it’s ready to wrap up. The flavors seem to have blended well. The brandy has kept the cake moist.

Although it is Thanksgiving Day, the cake will remain here, at our house, tucked away in the guest room. We are having a late lunch with our daughter’s in-laws and no one there would be at all interested in fruitcake. This is a vegan, gluten-free group. (Not Terry and me, but we go along with it on these occasions.)

For our contribution, I made a spaghetti squash dish that has a real bite to it. Ginger, chilis, garlic, coriander, and cilantro flavor the strands of squash. I’m roasting Brussels sprouts to take and I made bruschetta for my son-in-law. I had planned that dish for when they came here, but they are staying at his folks’ house their entire visit as they are working on a remodel and need to be there to get things accomplished.

Back to the fruitcake. Next week I am meeting a new friend I have made on Twitter. I am taking her a piece of the cake; she’s bringing me a slice of cheesecake. The exchange gifts are for our husbands. Her’s loves fruitcake; Terry likes cheesecake. We plan to meet at a downtown coffeehouse and walk around the Fulton Mall area. An ice rink has been set up downtown for the first time which will be fun to see.


2 responses to “More about the fruitcake

  1. One of these days, I think I’ll just go ahead and buy my husband a fruitcake. 🙂 I would never think to make one. It sounds like so much work.

    • Whole Foods has a really good one. The brand is Giada which also does a lot of their fancy cookies. It’s a California company so not too sure if they ship all the way out your way.

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