It was a vegan & gluten-free Thanksgiving

Our son-in-law’s parents invited us to join them for Thanksgiving. It worked well since our kids were staying with them for a few days to work on some remodeling that the parents were doing. Chad’s parents live in a foothill community about 30 miles from Fresno. The houses sit on acreage, scattered across the hills, and there are lots of places to play and climb. Here are the big kids climbing one of the trees:

That’s Jen on the lower branch. Chad is up there on the left with his brother-in-law in the middle, with the cap. Chad’s sister, Sara, is up higher on a branch on the right, out of the view of the camera. Leeya found a swing hung on a nearby tree, and while swinging, she would call out to her parents, “Be careful up there. Don’t fall.” It was pretty funny to hear her parroting her parents’ admonitions to her.

Leeya also enjoyed some Thanksgiving stickers I had left over from my Sunday School class:

I offered to bring a couple of dishes that I knew would work out for the vegan/gluten-free meal. I roasted a large amount of Brussels sprouts so that there would be some leftovers for my daughter. I’m sure she got up and ate them for breakfast.

A new dish I tried was a Thai spaghetti squash that was very spicy with ginger, chilies,garlic, and cilantro. Those who tried it seemed to think it was pretty good.

Chad’s mom made a vegetable lasagna and vegan pumpkin pie. Jen did a tofu turkey roast, gravy, and mashed potatoes. I also made bruschetta for Chad. Sara brought pumpkin soup.

Today I unwrapped the cheesecloth from all my fruitcakes and rewrapped them for storage. I think they are ready to eat.


5 responses to “It was a vegan & gluten-free Thanksgiving

  1. Oh my! Those fruitcakes do look wonderful! I’m so glad you had such a lovely holiday.

  2. Those brussels sprouts make me miss having lots of them fixed by my hubby at home. Our veggie indulgences are way fewer here in Texas with my family. I would have LOVED to share that gorgeous feast with you! I’m not as enthusiastic about fruitcake; I’ve never had one I really liked. 🙂

    • DJan, most people don’t care for fruitcake so I’m not offended if someone says, no thanks, to my fruitcake. I really baked this batch for ME. I took a piece over to my neighbor today. We’ll see what she says. i took a vegan apple muffin to her one time and never heard a word. Which didn’t surprise me. They weren’t all that good. The fruitcake, on the other hand, I think, is delicious.

  3. your food dishes look fantastic, you’re a great cook! So they are Vegans? t’s quite different when you think about it.

    • You’re very kind, Christine. But, as they say, the proof is in the pudding, or in this case the eating of it. I think my non-vegan dishes are probably better, but the vegan stuff usually turns out pretty well. It seems to please its intended audience, and that’s all that matters.

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