More tree climbing

Today it’s Terry’s turn to climb the tree and mine to take the picture. His climbing is not for fun, though, but rather for pruning the fruited mulberry. If he does not prune all the new growth, mulberries will form on the wood the next spring making for a terrible mess in our yard.



6 responses to “More tree climbing

  1. Coming over from Kay’s blog. I remember those mulberries around that area from when I was a little girl. I love mulberries! And my husband’s name is Terry!
    We have a mulberry now that is acting strangely. It’s just shooting straight up and getting very tall, even though we have cut it back. Must get some advice on it from ag people.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I never saw a mulberry tree until I was an adult. They are messy. I loved the fruitcake story. I too would have eaten one before its time.

    • There are fruitless mulberries, but we had to somehow get one that has fruit. It was supposed to be a maple tree like the one in the backyard. We still don’t know what happened.

  3. GOOD grief! That is a huge job! Hope he was being careful.

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