I am having fun

Just so my dear readers don’t think I am sitting at home, feeling sad and depressed, I want to let you know that lots of good things are going on around here, things that are giving me great joy.

Last Sunday I finished the first quarter of teaching Sunday School to mostly first graders. This was a new age group for me, never before attempted. It’s been fun, seeing the huge progress they have made in just three months of school. Most of these kids don’t read much yet, nor do they write much. Some of them had little experience with scissors, glue, color pencils, or play-doh. The public schools have little to no time for arts and crafts projects, so we have been doing them in Sunday School class. This week I am decorating the room for Christmas and planning the next three weeks’ lessons around the story of Jesus’s birth. This is one corner of my Sunday School room:

Tuesday I went downtown to meet a new friend. We have connected on Twitter, and she had commented about a Julia Morgan designed building in Fresno. I replied that it was the YWCA and that I had used the building in my historical novel. She wanted to know more. She also learned of my fruitcake project and asked if her husband, who likes the stuff, could have a slice. We met at a great coffee shop on the Fulton Mall, Fresno Brewing Company, for a cup of coffee and then a walk around downtown, reminiscing about they way it used to be. I brought along a copy of Allied Arts Girls and a fruitcake for her. Before I got home, because I made another stop, she was texting me that SHE and hubby liked the fruitcake and she was already on Chapter 5 of the book.

My second stop that Tuesday was to see a friend who has switched jobs recently and is now in charge of commercial leasing for a developer who is trying to remake downtown into a livable place. One of the projects for which she is responsible is an old house with a carriage house. She took me through both buildings, I took some photos, posted them on Facebook and Twitter with hopes someone who needs such a space will see them and give her a call. These are the photos I took of the carriage house:

It was fun to see the houses, but also fun to catch up with my friend. She is so smart and funny, and I love to brainstorm ideas with her.

On Wednesday Terry and I went back downtown (do you get the feeling we like downtown Fresno?) to the monthly Hispanic Chamber of Commerce breakfast. I always meet such interesting people there. Yesterday, it was a gentleman who rents vacation homes near Yosemite Park. Just something Terry and I have been discussing. Terry takes photos for this organization, and next week we will be attending their huge children’s Christmas party, again held–Downtown!

My calendar for December is packed, and as the events roll around, I plan to fill you all in. Keep reading. There really are good times ahead.


6 responses to “I am having fun

  1. I’m so happy to know that you have a full schedule to keep your spirits up and cheerful. Have a wonderful month!

  2. you are certainly keeping busy! I love the idea of a carriage house!

  3. Your classroom is so bright and colorful; I LOVE the fish (whale?)/

    • Yes, Kathy, it’s the fish that swallowed Jonah who is shown falling into the fish’s mouth. A lovely group of church ladies worked to remodel the classroom before I became the teacher. They had been praying for that room for a long time and continue to be supportive. The rug that is pictured there is a recent gift from one of the ladies.

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