Another children’s Christmas party

Terry and I have been involved with the Fresno Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and their Downtown Hub for about a year now. It has been so much fun and we have met the BEST people. We each do our speciality. Terry takes photos of events, I go along and talk to people.

Last night was the children’s party  that the Chamber co-hosts with Holy Cross Women’s Center. Businesses donate toys and bikes for the children. Restaurants donate meals for the families to enjoy. There is usually a Santa and last night there was a small group of musicians serenading the crowd. The event is held at one of the oldest entertainment venues in Fresno, The Rainbow Ballroom. For all I know, The Rainbow IS the oldest place in town still holding music events. It dates back to before World War II and was once a large indoor swimming pool. The dance floor was built over the pool, sort of like the one in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” but the floor doesn’t open up to reveal the pool. It became a hotspot during the War for all the military personnel who were stationed in the area. It was one place they could go for entertainment, and lots of the big bands of that era came through town to play there.

Terry took over 300 photographs, and it will take him a week or more to edit them for the Chamber. Many of the photos are of the kids and families with Santa Claus. I’m thinking I may just pull all of those, and without editing, put them on a CD and take them over to Holy Cross so they can distribute photos before Christmas. Even I took a photo with Santa.




This picture is taken from the stage where all the bicycles and scooters are kept for the end of the evening. The Bank of America volunteers are ready to start serving dinner:



Here are the families being served dinner. The food just never ends. These restaurants are amazingly generous:



This is another dining area in the large room:



Good people doing good work for the community.

2 responses to “Another children’s Christmas party

  1. Nice picture of you with Santa!

  2. agreed – great picture with santa

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