It’s not mine to give

If you are like me, you have come to think of these blogs we write and read like a back fence, an office break room, a neighborhood coffee klatch, but they are not. We are not all sitting, or standing, around, seeing each other face to face. These posts go all over the world, and unless we take down the post or the whole blog, they are here for anyone and everyone to see, forever. Speak and your words disappear into the air; write a blog and your words can be retrieved. I am well aware that I cannot say just anything like I would if you, dear Reader, were sitting here beside me, in my office today, as I write. I cannot give you the recipe, or write down the quote, or tell you the story I just made, read, or heard from some other source. That’s called PLAGIARISM.

Last week, and again this week, I wrote posts about cookie recipes I am trying. Someone asked me to share, and since the recipes aren’t mine, I contacted CRISCO for permission to print, in my blog, the recipe for brown sugar cookies. This morning I received their answer-NO. They cannot allow me to use what they have copyrighted. I understand. It’s not like I’m passing on a recipe across the table to my friend or coworker. Instead, I would be publishing it.

So, as you, dear Reader, travel around Blogland, be aware of constraints put on the published, printed word. I sometimes wonder about those recipes that people share, as if we were talking over the back fence. If the recipe is your own creation, and you are willing to share with the world, go ahead, but if you got the recipe from another source, you need to seek permission to print it. And be prepared; the owner of the recipe, story, photo, etc., may say NO.



2 responses to “It’s not mine to give

  1. Great post. Too many people don’t realize that all of our written words are copyrighted by law, and are our personal property, and as such, are not to be redistributed without permission and/or compensation. That includes our blogs. Thanks for reminding us all of this obligation.

  2. wow Delaine, thanks for the reminder. and I did make the cookies which btw were also published on allrecipes (wonder if they got permission?) and they are fantastic!!

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