Silver bells


Fashion Fair Mall, our regional shopping center, is not my favorite place, but for one day during the holiday season, I make my way there, park, and wend my way to the mall entrance to Macy’s where our church is responsible for the Salvation Army kettle.

It’s only a two-hour commitment. Terry and I do it together, and it’s over very quickly because we have such a good time. The little children are precious when they bring the money their parents or grandparents have given them to offer. We have candy canes for all givers, but the little ones just light up when we hand them the treat. Most kids who pass by look enviously at the bell I’m ringing. I’m tempted to offer them the chance to ring it, but I’m not too sure how the parent might feel about that.

We usually do an early morning shift and then have lunch at the food court in the mall. Unfortunately, Fashion Fair’s selection is pretty sparse. Today we chose Deli Delicious and shared a turkey and avocado sandwich.

Terry had a meeting afterwards so we had come in separate cars. When I got back to my primo parking space, there was a line of cars snaking through the parking lot. The lady who was behind me, waiting for a spot to open up, clapped her hands when I pulled out. Glad I made someone so happy.


6 responses to “Silver bells

  1. And you look so festive in your outfit! Such a nice thing to do for a few hours. And those people looking for a place to park are one reason I’m staying away from the Mall for the next week! 🙂

    • Thank you. It’s funny about the parking. I arrived early at the mall so had no trouble getting a place. The day before I had gone to lunch with a friend in downtown fresno. No problem with parking or traffic. The mall is just a pain at this time of the year.

  2. It’s nice that you are INSIDE the mall and not out in any adverse weather! Whenever I see someone ringing the bell for the Salvation Army, I always contribute, even if it’s only $1, and say, “Thank you for doing this.” I really appreciate the volunteers! So Thank YOU for doing this!

    • Our church actually sponsors two Salvation Army kettles, the one we served and another one at a fancier shopping center that is outdoors. I choose the indoor spot because our weather can be really bad at this time of the year. Thank you, Pat, for giving to the kettle. There is no amount too small to give.

  3. Good for you! You look so beautiful and festive. All the bell ringers I’m seeing over here are on the rather …. ummm… casual side. 🙂

    • Thanks, Kay. We try to be festive when doing this. Terry wears his Christmas tie and a suit. The couple who relieved us at noon were dressed in bright red sweaters. She, like you, is a retired elementary teacher and always has seasonal clothes for every holiday.

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