As usual, the year went Fast

As I lay in bed last night pondering what I will do with 2013, I thought perhaps I should review 2012. The year is a blur, right now, so I need to take some time, go through my calendar, my journal, my photos, and even my blog, and see what happened this year. It feels as if I accomplished very little, but I think my calendar alone will prove that theory wrong. Every month seems to be jam-packed with so many entries.

Since I have few decorations to take down here at the house, I will spend time reflecting on the past year. Then next week, as 2013 dawns, I will work on my Sunday School room, which is highly decked out in Christmas attire, and plan the January decorations and lessons. Maybe in looking back on the old year, I can figure out how I want to go forward in the new.

Do you have grand plans for 2013?


8 responses to “As usual, the year went Fast

  1. My wish is that 2013 will be a good year for us. And I hope to start packing my decorations away today! Happy New Year to you and your family Delaine!

  2. I think that is a great idea to go back to see where you want to go forward!

  3. I will do that, too: think of what happened this year and what I’d like to do with the new year! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    • You’re welcome, DJan. I’ve spent one day going through my calendar and journals and found I did more than I thought as well as lots of good ideas that I want to bring forward into the new year. I just needed to be reminded.

  4. I was an inner city special education teacher until I had to leave due to my MS symptoms..How I miss it, but I try to teach kids here about wildlife in our area…Michelle

    • Special education is a hard field to do any where, and especially in a poor urban area. The school where I taught was the “magnet” for special education, bringing students from all over the city to our campus. I do not miss teaching at all. I miss my colleagues, and I miss doing some of the fun things with the students, but the day to day life was killing me. My life is much more joyful now.

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