Let’s have a little Christmas


Terry and I just returned from five days of babysitting the grandchildren. It was quite chaotic at times, and the two tiny tots insisted that Grandpa and Grandma spin them, toss them, twirl them, and all sorts of other body-defying maneuvers for elderly folk! This photo was taken in a moment of calm when we had just finished a Disneyesque tea-cup ride with the swivel barrel chair. They are probably trying to convince Grandma to “do it again,” as Grandpa is taking the photo.

Please note, in the background, the snowman has killed the moose. Yes, that is what life is like in that household.


3 responses to “Let’s have a little Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas! Sounds like your Christmas was definitely magical!

  2. What adorable children. It’s a good thing that the grands don’t look for entertainment for their grandparents every day! Sad story about the moose. 🙂

    • The moose never had a chance. One week when we were there, the snowman had stabbed it in the back with its broom. One week Leeya had thrown the moose across the room. Then the cat pushed it off. The snowman is weighted in the bottom so he does not move very well. This week the moose was down for the count.

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