A great Friday

Terry asked me earlier in the week if I had any plans for Friday.

“Yes, I’m getting my hair cut, finally, why?”

“Would you like to go see ‘Parental Guidance’ after your hair appointment?”

“Oh, yes, I would love to see that movie. I love Bette Midler and Billy Crystal.”

“And remember, it was partially filmed at the Grizzlies Stadium so Fresno has a starring role.” Terry would add that. You may remember he worked for the Grizzlies this past season, doing video work.

I really needed a haircut, as you can see here, in my before photo: Photo on 1-2-13 at 12.32 PM

It has been five weeks since my last haircut. I have a new hair dresser as my last one has retired and she turned me over to Lorig who specializes in red.


Photo on 1-4-13 at 5.34 PM

And now I look like this:





Oh, and the movie? It was funny and reminded us so much of ourselves. The grandparents do some very goofy things, kind of like us. It was a great day.




7 responses to “A great Friday

  1. Your haircut looks very good! Yours is the first review I had read of the movie. So glad it was worth the money to see it.

    • Lynda, I so want to come back to your blog to read and reply, but my computer keeps saying it’s a phishing site and too dangerous. Wonder if you’ve heard this from anyone else?

  2. You know what? I like your hair long and short. You look beautiful in both! I was thinking that movie sounded like a lot of fun.

    • Thank you, Kay. If you had seen the longer version in person, you would definitely be saying, “get a haircut.” I had hair curling up, in a flip, on my neck. The top is very heavy and makes the hair go flat when it gets too long. My hairdresser uses those thinning sheers over and over to get the right amount of hair to puff up in the right places. I don’t do anything with my hair but wash and blow dry so I need a very manageable cut.

  3. Sounds like a great way to have a laugh. I love Bette Midler. Dianne

  4. I saw the trailer and thought it would be funny. Glad you enjoyed it. Tomorrow I’m going to go see that new Bill Murray movie where he plays FDR! Love your red hair. 🙂

  5. Love it and I love redheads which is why I made myself one…Michelle

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