Writing great comments that no one ever gets to read

Again, I am so frustrated with Blogger. I sometimes wonder why I even go to those blogs. Today I have written three comments, all at Blogger blogs, to have them disappear. One claimed I wasn’t logged into WordPress, yet there was my blog heading right at the top of the screen. Another had some fatal error when I clicked on post and another had one of those crazy captchas that said I didn’t have the right combination of letters and numbers. There is no chance to go back and try again, the comment is GONE!

So, if you have a Blogger blog, and you don’t see any comment from me, it’s probably because it is  being deleted, not because I’m not writing a witty piece to your lovely post.


13 responses to “Writing great comments that no one ever gets to read

  1. Been there done that, so I share your frustration. I actually received your comment on my blog (and thank you for leaving one). I can view the comment on the dashboard but, for some strange reason, it takes a while before it posts itself. So don’t give up. The wheels may be turning slowly, but they’re turning.

  2. I’ve sometimes had problems leaving comments, related to whether I’ve signed into Google, I think…who knows? I just keep trying!

    Happy New Year Delaine, pleased to have been your top 2012 commenter!

    • You are a more patient person than me, Christine. If I post a comment, and then it’s lost in the transmission, I just give up, figuring I wasn’t supposed to say that.

  3. I know that mine is set up for the comments to email to me before they are published. I don’t like having to type a code either but did want to make sure it was okay to publish whatever anyone had written. Yup – – – it does get frustrating at times. Thanks though for reading and trying!!!

  4. I use my google account for blogger as it hates wordpress but then sometimes wordpress hates me and that is what I use for a blog.. bah.. Michelle

  5. Phew! Thank goodness you were able to comment on mine OK. I would hate to miss any of your comments.

    • Kay, your blog and a couple of other blogger blogs seem to be ok. It’s those that require the writer to type in a code that usually throw me out.

  6. And me, too, Delaine. I always look forward to your comments, and they always seem to make it to me. WordPress, on the other hand, spits me out every now and then. 🙂

  7. Love your blog. I have the problem of posting comments to WordPress, as they want me to have a WordPress account. Hope you get this. I will be adding your blog to my blogroll.


  8. Got your comment over on Beachbungalow8. Thank you! also left you a reply. Re: the left over pulp in a juicer. I feed it to my dog. Not a lot. but maybe a cup. The Chlorophyll is really good for their PH balance etc. You have to test it on them though. Some pets can’t stomach it and others can get itchy. Also, I don’t have the room to compost, but if I did, the pulp would make excellent composting material.

    thanks again for dropping by.

    beachbungalow 8

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